I am married to Bukky my University sweetheart, following a 5-year relationship resulting in our wedding in London in October 2005. We are blessed with two beautiful (teenage) children .

I grew up in a broken home and saw first hand the effects of marital breakdown, culminating in a period where I lived with my step mother and then father’s wife for a few years, only visiting my mother during school holidays. 

After 15 years of separation, my parents miraculously got back together (incredible I know!) and this, together with my own determination not to repeat the cycle, has made me an advocate for strong relationships and marriages.


I started my corporate career in central London in 2003 and now sit on the Board of Directors of a nationwide, UK based property management firm. As part of my responsibilities, I oversee a Team of over 200 staff and a portfolio with revenue in excess of £12m annually. 

I am also lead pastor of Connect Church London and HGZ London, a 2 in 1 contemporary ministry looking to bring a fresh dynamic to the gospel. 

 I am a lover of football and keen Manchester United fan. I also still enjoy playing football as a striker or central defender as frequently as possible!

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